High intensity daily personal care requires an extensive amount of training and experience, coupled with a compassionate nature and a genuine interest to help. At Bright Future Support Services, we are aware of that. That is why; we have come up with our special daily personal assistance program.
As we help you in your day-to-day activities, we ensure that you enjoy not just a smooth but a more independent life. Our skilled staff consults with you to frame a daily routine that meets your needs and is achievable simultaneously.

Enjoy the Care in Familiar Setting

We understand that our participants need to feel comfortable to benefit from our care to the fullest. That is why our services are available both in the comfort of your own home, or our specially equipped homes as well.

Get Tailored Care

Bright Future Support Services celebrates the uniqueness of each person. And we know that the best way to do that is by offering a service unique to you. Each of our daily assistance activities is tailored so that they meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our range of daily activities includes, but is not limited to:

Management of Medications

Adhering to your medication intake as prescribed at the correct times is the key to maintaining your health. Our caregivers understand that. By assisting you in filling and collecting your prescriptions and administering your medications to you if required they will ensure that you get the right medication at the right time.
Our professionals also stay in constant touch with doctors and health care professionals so that the best course of medication can be taken for you.

Disposal of Waste, Infections or Hazardous Substances

The correct handling and disposal of waste and infectious substances is essential to containing the chances of spreading any kind of disease. That is why we handle such substances very carefully.
Following the protocols given by related bodies, we dispose of waste using an environmentally responsible and effective method.

Restrictive Practice

Our restrictive practices are as per the regulations set up by NDIS. We keep your safety as the prime motive of our restrictive practices.

Complex Bowel Care

Bowel management has always been a part of our personal care services. Complex bowel care is essential when suffering from conditions such as inconsistent bowel movement or extreme constipation. Under complex bowel care, our health care experts take note of changes in bowel habit.
Our practitioners also administer the required treatment and refer to the appropriate health practitioners when it is required.

Tracheostomy Management

For patients with certain types of conditions, a procedure known as tracheostomy may be required. Patients who have a tracheostomy need special care from time to time. Our nurses are trained to take care of your tracheostomy tube and ensure that you do not face any complications related to it.

Urinary Catheter Management

For our participants under the daily activity management program who need catheter support, additional measures may be required. Our daily catheter care includes labelling bags with all the insertion details and timely drainage to prevent overflow. We also take precautionary measures, in order to reduce infection risks, as much as practically possible.

Complex Wound Management

Under the complex wound management service, we assess both the physical condition of the patient along with the severity of the wound or in other words, the clinical status. If any surgical procedure is required, we get in touch with the doctor and manage that accordingly.
Managing and preparing a clean wound bed, dressing the wound and administering the required medicines are some of the other steps under this procedure.

Subcutaneous Management

Our caregivers are trained to administer the required medicine to patients through injections. The right sized needle and right procedure are required for this. We make sure that our caregivers and support workers are adequately trained in this matter, so that clinically appropriate care is provided at all times.

PEG Feeding and Management

PEG feeding or Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy feeding is indicated for clients who are notable to get their nutrition through oral consumption. PEG feeding may be required for people with dementia, eating disorders, haemorrhage, stroke etc. Our team ensures that problems such as infection and comorbidities, which are commonly associated with PEG feeding, are taken care of when the patient is placed under our care and support.

Ventilator Management

For patients in critical condition or under emergency care, ventilators may prove to be a lifesaving intervention, however, this requires constant surveillance and care. Our professionals are trained to provide all-round care round the clock and take measures to reduce the chances of complications.

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