Shared Living

Start Living an Independent Life in the Shared Accommodations Provided By Bright Future Support Services

At Bright Future Support Services, we believe that all of us deserve to live an empowered and independent life. To provide you with the opportunity of living the life that you always wanted, we have started a range of services under SIL or Supported Independent Living.

Who Can Opt For Our SIL Program

People with disabilities who require assistance in their daily living and are above the age of eighteen years can opt for our SIL program.

Group and Shared Accommodations

In our group and shared accommodations, we try to match you with mates who are like-minded and compatible. Common hobbies, similar disabilities, interests, tastes and general disposition are some of the points that we consider while selecting suitable participants to share accommodation with you.

We Comply With NDIS

All our shared accommodation options are in compliance with the latest guidelines set up by the NDIS. As per the rules, the number of mates in each house can range from two to seven in number. We consult with the participants so that we may know how many people they are willing to share the accommodation with.

NDIS has also set that each participant in the shared accommodations must also have their own bedrooms, and we strictly comply with that rule and ensure you have maximum privacy

Independent accommodations

In independent accommodations, you will not be liable to share your house with any other participant.

Aim of SIL

Both for the shared and the individual accommodations under SIL, we aim to ensure that you live a life as independently as possible. We encourage our participants to participate in their day to day tasks and feel a part of the community through various activities designed for them.

At Bright Future Support Services, we keep your safety and well-being at the foremost. So while you plan and enjoy life as per your will, we will take care of all your other problems.

Services Provided In SIL

Here are some of the support services that we provided to the participants living under the Supported Independent Living provisions:

  • Aid in the management of finances and budgeting for the household.

  • Aid in cooking and fetching groceries.

  • Assistance in clearing the laundry and other such cleaning tasks

  • Assistance in using public transport

  • Aid in visiting and keeping friends and family informed.

  • Daily skill training

  • Promoting independence through various activities.

  • Aid in personal care, such as bathing and dressing.

We would like you to take note that most of these services are available 24 x 7. However, the particulars of the service or the extent of care given to the participants will depend on their needs. Our expert nurses and caregivers will assess your clinical condition to understand the kind of assistance you require. We will also hold discussions with you to understand your expectations from us.

Live With Like-Minded People

Live in a community of like-minded individuals and discover the joy of independent living. Get in touch with us today to learn more.