Innovative Community Participation

Enjoy Living and Improve Well-Being with Community Participation

The innovative community participation program by Bright Future Support Services aims to offer your assistance so that you may utilise your NDIS fund and take part in the community life. Many of our community participation programs are open to all, even though you may not have the necessary funding.

Activities in the Innovative Community Participation

Most of the activities that come under this program are quite like the typical activities that are usually counted under community participation. You may choose to socialise and connect with various like-minded people. Many community programs try to involve other people and programs and activities and also seek to teach the best way to offer support to people with disabilities.

Why Take Part in Our Innovative Community Participation

One may wonder why so much stress is placed on community participation and what such activities can offer in return. Experts recommend community participation as it brings significant improvement in your well-being. It also makes you feel more connected with the people around you and the community at large.

Community participation also enlarges the circle of well-being as it enables us to get in touch and help more people who are in a similar situation as you. Remember, in your act of offering help to the community; you are also offering help to yourself,

Most people who have been a part of the Innovative Community Participation program have experienced improvements in their health, employment, education, and overall sense of satisfaction and well-being.

Activities under the Innovative Community Participation Program

Here is an overview of some of the activities that are included in our community participation program:

  • Skill Building: Acquiring new skills and perfecting the existing set of skills that you have so that you may proceed towards a more independent life.

  • Food relief: Food relief programs that are aimed at covering the basic needs of the participants while also increasing their capacity

  • Networking: Connecting to people who are going through a similar situation and life and helping you create a community of like-minded friends.

  • Growth: Grow in life by finding out about new opportunities and support services in which you can engage yourself.

  • Independence: The final aim of all our programs is to help you achieve independence in life. An independent life will enable you to look after yourself better and improve the quality of your life.

Participation in the Community

You may see if your NDIS funding includes payments for community activities to know if you are eligible for the program. We have included transport to and from the events, social skills, and goal setting as a part of our plan. We also take into consideration the hobbies, abilities, and tastes of the candidates before involving them in the community program.

Our kind and compassionate caregivers will be there at each step of your community participation activities. We also make sure that all the activities that you take part in are completely safe for you.

Remember, your safety is our priority. Get in touch with us today and take a step towards an empowered life.