Get Travel and Transport Assistance That You Can Rely On With Bright Future Support Services

It is rightly said that travelling opens your mind and broadens your horizon. For a person with a disability, the idea of travel may appear to be intimidating and full of unseen challenges. But have you ever wondered how travelling would be like if you constantly have all the support and care that you usually have at home?

Yes, that is possible. With Bright Future Support Service assistance with the travel and transport program, you can enjoy an independent travelling experience in the place that you want to.

Get Transport Help or Complete Travel

We understand that different participants have different needs from our travel program. While some may just need help with the transport till they reach another provider, another client may need support throughout. Irrespective of the nature, length, and frequency of care you require, we promise to be there.

Daily Travel Assistance

We know travelling is not just about exploring new destinations. One may also need assistance to meet their daily goals, such as commuting to the place of work, school, college, or simply attending a social function or gathering. Even for your varied everyday travel needs, we will be there with you.

Your Independence Is Important

Helping you feel independent and empowered is at the core of all our services. That is why; all our programs have been designed in such a way that you may feel greater independence in your life. Getting help with your daily assistance can also increase your mobility and help you in the completion of all the essential tasks.

Is Transport Assistance Included In NDIS?

Yes, your transport assistance may be provided under NDIS. If you are travelling to a new place, even the cost of the support worker needs to be included in your plan.

Get in touch with us today and know about our travel and transport assistance in detail.